A military magazine for the German troops in France
Nr. 7 
Coastal Unit S M 74 on Patrol
10 Dec. 1940
31 pp
This edition of the publication is interesting because it released at the height of the invasion scare in Britain. Although Hitler had indefinately postponed the invasion as ealy as late November the misinformation published in this magazine was meant to keep the enemy guessing.


Nr. 1 on October 10.1940 - Nr. 17 - 1941 April 

(always on the 1st, 11th und 21st of each month), 


Editer: Propaganada-Company of the Army Von Reichenau

Format: 27,1 x 35,9 cm

Pages: Standard 32 Pg, (Sometime many more pages), 



The magazine was marked "WI or sometimes "W-I".

At the top left corner of each cover the Command Flag of the Chief of the Army Group was placed.


Content was military, politics, the history of France, jokes, photos, texts written by soldiers etc.  Many of the combat drawings, reports and descriptions of the entertainment was done by soldiers at the front. The magazine gave a good overview of the Western Front and the Atlantic Wall.


Edition Nr. 17 (April 1941) was the 112-page edition "Morgen marschieren wir...” (Tomorrow we march). Reichenau’s 6th Armee would soon leave France to take part in the new campaign in the East.