DIE WEHRMACHT 1941 & 1942 50 Periodicals in great condition


Die Wehrmacht
Oberkommando der Wehrmacht
Original Collection with
50 Magazines from 1941 & 42
Nicely bound collection in great condition. The only periodicals missing are Nr. 16 from 1941 and Nr. 18 from 1942.
Each magazine with about 16 pages, filled with photos, diagrams, maps etc; hard cover.
Format 36 x 27 cm
The content of the Die Wehrmacht periodicals included military life, World War I, advertisements, novels, weapons, vehicles, reports from armies of the world, sport and soldiery, theaters of war worldwide.
During the war, the campaigns against Poland, France and the Soviet Union as well as the air raids on England were reported in detail with numerous pictures and maps.
The number of pages decreased sharply during the war.